13. october 2019
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25. OKT.

Night at the Museum

Kl. 19:00-23:00

Finally october. Finally atumn darkness. Finally Night at the Museum. The museum of Archaeology and Stavanger Museum invite you to go behind the facades and staged settings - to hav expreiences and impressions inall the nooks and crannies of the museums. Use all senses to explore our museums; Touch, feel, see, hear, taste. Les mer
29. OKT.

Mareritt på museet / Nightmare at the museum

Kl. 16:00-20:00

Tør du gå på museet i mørket? Følg vår topp ti guide over «skumle» ting i den mørke utstillingen / Do you dare to walk around in the museum in the dark? Follow our Top Ten guide of 'spooky' old things around the exhibition. Les mer