Yule workshop

Welcome to the Iron Age Farm in December. We will be offering family-friendly guided tours daily during December. Join our Yule workshop today: Make your own will be making ginger biscuits.

Join the Lady of the farm or the tribal chief in the longhouse on a journey back in time to the Yule of old. Our family-friendly guided tour will introduce you to life on the farm and how they might have celebrated the holidays in the Migration Period.
Christmas celebrations as we know them have roots in the pre-Christian era and the original word in Old Norse was jól - or Yule.

We will be offering family-friendly guided tours daily during December, except on Mondays when we are closed.

Guided tour Sundays: 12:00 and 14:00 in Norwegian and 13:00 in English.

We will also be running Christmas workshops every Sunday during advent from 11:00 to 15:30.

Sunday 22 Dec: We will be making ginger biscuits.

The Iron Age Farm’s Café Ask and Embla will also be open throughout December, selling Christmas porridge, a range of lunch items and snacks, buns or something else sweet to go with your coffee. We will also have plenty of drinks that will help warm you up on a cold day. And it goes without saying that we will be selling ginger biscuits.
Open shop with unique Christmas presents.