AmS-Skrifter 24

Seen through a millstone. Lotte Selsing (ed.) 2014.


Milling wheat and barley with rotary querns: the Ouarten women (Dahmani, Kef, Tunisia). Natàlia Alonso, Francisco José Cantero, Rafel Jornet, Daniel Lόpez, Eva Montes, Georgina Prats & Sílvia Valenzuela
The conglomerate millstone makers of New York and Virginia in the United States. Charles D. Hockensmith
The symbolism of querns and millstones. Susan Watts


The Middle East
A prehistoric grinding stone quarry in the Egyptian Sahara. Per Storemyr.
Millstones of Aswan granite found on the island of Elephantine, Egypt.  Stafania Wefers & Fritz Mangartz
Pompeian style mills in Jordan and Syria. David Peacock & David Williams

Southern and Western Europe
Continued characterisation of querns and quern quarries in Southern Spain. Timothy J. Anderson, Jane H. Scarrow & Aitor Cambeses
Methodology of millstone study in France: Neolithic to the Middle Ages. Luc Jaccottey, Olivier Buchsenschultz, Caroline Hamon, Gilles Fronteau, Florent Jodry, Stéphanie Lepareux-Couturier, Annabelle Milleville & Boris Robin
Complex dressing patterns on grinding surfaces of rotary querns and millstones from Antiquity in the Paris Basin, France: state of research and perspectives. Stéphanie Lepareux-Couturier
Preliminary report on a quern and millstone production site from the Iron Age and the Medieval Period at Mount Ruderbüsch, Western Eifel Region, Germany. Vera Holtmeyer-Wild

Eastern and Northernmost Europe
Production and distribution of rotary quernstones from quarries in southwestern Poland in the early Middle Ages. Eva Lisowska, Piotr Gunia & Michał Borowski
Rotary querns and bread – A social history of Iron Age Sweden. Torun Zachrisson
A local millstone quarry at Nord-Talgje in Southwest Norway: mapping, interpretation and age estimate. Lisbeth Prøsch-Danielsen & Tom Heldal
Unravelling the history of a complex millstone quarry landscape: Tolstadkvernberget, South Norway. Tor Grenne, Gurli B. Meyer & Tom Heldal
Technological development in millstone quarrying through the Middle Ages: the Salten quarries, Northern Norway. Tor Grenne, Gurli B. Meyer, Tom Heldal, Øystein J. Jansen & Torbjørn Løland
Did the North Atlantic region constitute a market for quernstones from Norway during the Viking Age and the Middle Ages? Irene Baug & Øystein J. Jansen