Guided tour; Viking Voyagers

Jouin our guide and travel back to the brutal yet fascinating Viking Age. Our exhibition, Viking Voyagers is an invitation to an unparalleled experience for eyes, ears and mind.

Every day this summer you can join our guidet tour through our Viking exhibition. 

A central part of the exhibition are the new Viking Age burials, recently found in Rogaland, containing keenedged swords, golden buckles and brightly coloured glass beads. 

We also tell the stories of six viking women from Rogaland; Gudrun, Svåva, Svankvit, Herborg, Sigerlin og Niamh. There are stories of women who fought and went on viking voyage. Was Herborg one of theese - they found a sword in her grave. Sigerlin had a black amber pearl, which was magical. And did Niamh have a foregin origin? 

So join our guide for an interessting tour through the Viking Age. Everyday at 12.


Drawing of six viking women.

Six great viking women. Join our guided tour and learn more about Gudrun, Svåva, Svankvit, Herborg, Sigerlin og Niamh.