Vikingsummer at the museum

This summer we have a fun programme at the Museum of Arcehaology. 
Be an archeaologist, find viking treasures, take a viking selfie.

Are you a skilled Viking warrior? Try your prowess the Viking way, fighting your siblings, mum and dad, and see who can hold their own within the arena. Inside the museum you can see genuine Viking artifacts, such as large swords and beautiful jewellery. For there were clever and well-dressed women, too, living in the VIking era. Inside the longhouse in the museum you can dress up as a Viking, grind your own flour and learn about Viking food, and learn the rune craft - the magical Viking way of writing.

One of the most exciting things about being an archaeologist is to look for old things that have been buried in the earth for thousands of years. Often, very special things are hidden under deep layers of sand. Like a real archaeologist, you can wash out Viking loot from our excavation spot in the museum garden. All clever archaeologists get a diploma.

You can also learn about keys, and their symbolism in the Viking Age.
And in the museum you can see a tattooing needle from prehistory and learn about tattoo-history. 


Picture of a boy looking for viking treasures.

Be an archeaologist in our museum garden