Mother's Day at the Iron Age Farm

The Visitor Centre of the Iron Age Farm with a caféand shop is open in the weekends, and there are guided tours in Norwegian and English in the longhouse. It is also Mother's Day, and we give all moms free entrance.

Step back in time a whole 1,500 years and learn about the local life of the people in the Iron Age. From the Visitor Centre's café you get an inside fireplace with an historic view up to the longhouses, sometimes sheep wonder around the longhouses as well. 

Mother's Day

All mothers have a free entrance at the Iron Age Farm, join a guided tour and learn more about women in the past. What did it mean if a woman carried the keys, and how was the everyday life for an Iron Age family at Ullandhaug?

Guided tours

There are guided tours in English at 13, every Saturday (Norwegian at 12), and Sunday (Norwegian at 12 and 14) in Spring 2020.


On Sundays there are family workshops, they last from 11-15.30, with different topics and crafts for each time. 

Café Ask and Embla

Bit hungry? Try a typical Norwegian 'lapp', a small thick, pancake with jam, or our 'kludderbrød' a roll with brown cheese. There is a warm dish of the day soup or stew), sandwiches and cakes. A variation of cold sodas and tea and coffee.

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Mother's Day at the Iron Age Farm