Pokémon GO at the museum

Do you see a Pokémon at the museum? Pokémon Go is an app that works internationally , and many museums and park areas invite users to visit these cultural Pokéstops . Go Pokémon hunting at the museum , and share pictures with us!

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Pokémon Go is a new app from Niantic, they use an online system called Ingress that allows Pokémon Go take advantage of spot locations geographicly. This makes the game internationally for players and localities worldwide.

Here at the Museum of Archaeology there are three Pokéstops around the museum quarter, in front of the main entrance, one at the old Nuart graffiti (now we have a new one), and in the actual exhibit. All are accessible without having to enter the museum, but it is of course possible to sit down in the museum cafe for a small rest without paying admission. Inside the museum there has also been observed Pokémons, and we invite Pokémon Trainers to take pictures and share on social media using #arkeologiskmuseum or tags us @arkeologiskmuseum so we can join the hunt!

Across the street in the park there are several Pokémon species that live in the 'forest'. Depending on whether they are daily or nocturnal brings up different types of morning, day and night. Between Museum of Archaeology and the park, there is in addition a training venue, a Gym, that Trainers can start to use when they reach Level 5.

So, there are Pokéstops, a Gym and Pokémons to catch here Våland. Just remember to watch where you go and pay attention to your own and other's safety with respect to traffic and passers-by, good luck!

Pokémon autumn! This fall, the museum open on Tuesdays from kl.11.00-20.00, it is possible to take a cafe visits between hunting and training sessions at the Gym. Remember, there are also Pokémons to find the Iron Age Farm #jernaldergarden

Photos of Runa Vatna and Malin Glosimot.