The project manager and project group

Six of the research team members in the crypt underneath Stavanger cathedral: Kidane Gebremariam, Sean Denham, Vibeke Martens, Hilde Fyllingen, Hege Hollund and Daniel Fredh. Happy project team members in a rather gloomy spot, the crypt underneath the Stavanger cathedral on a January morning. From the left: Kidane Gebremariam, Sean Denham, Vibeke Martens, Hilde Fyllingen, Hege Hollund and Daniel Fredh.

The project manager:
Hege I. Hollund is a conservation scientist whose expertise is on bone taphonomy and diagenesis, but who also has experience with stable isotope work, radiocarbon dating, and aDNA analysis.

The core-group in Stavanger:

Sean Denham is an experienced field archaeologist and osteoarchaeologist with in-depth knowledge of the Stavanger skeletal collection.

Daniel Fredh specialises in palaeobotany and reconstruction of past landscapes and land-use.

Kidane Gebremariam is a conservation scientist with a background in analytical chemistry. He specialises in the physico-chemical analyses of ancient materials.

A 2-year postdoctoral researcher in palaeogenetics will be employed.

National partners:

Vibeke Vandrup Martens (NIKU, Oslo) is a medieval archaeologist with the national expertise in environmental monitoring of archaeological sites.

Marie-Josée Nadeau (NTNU, Trondheim) is a physicist, and an experienced researcher with extensive publications on radiocarbon dating.

International partners:

Lisette Kootker is post-doctoral researcher in isotope archaeology at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam.

Riikka Elo, a post-doctoral researcher at the Zoological Museum, University of Turku, is an entomologist and ecologist with experience in analysing samples from archaeological contexts.

Mia Lempiäinen-Avci is a palaeobotanist and macrofossil specialist at University of Turku.  

Maiken Ueland is forensic scientist and post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Technology Sydney, and Deputy Director of the Australian Facility for Taphonomic Experimental Research.


The project advisory board

The project group will seek advice from an advisory board of national and international experts:

Axel Christophersen, Professor in archaeology, NTNU University Museum. Experienced researcher in medieval urbanization.

Jacqui Mulville, Professor in bioarchaeology and Director of Research, School of History, Archaeology and Religion, Cardiff University. Research focus is on the fields of bioarchaeology and osteoarchaeology. The creator of several innovative engagement projects.

Grete Lillehammer, emerita Professor in archaeology, Museum of Archaeology, UiS. Specializes in cultural heritage, landscape, and museum archaeology studies.

Elizabeth Peacock, Professor in Conservation science, NTNU University Museum. Research areas include taphonomy, diagenesis and conservation of organic archaeological materials, preservation and management of archaeological sites and conservation education.

Tom Gilbert, Professor in palaeogenomics, University of Copenhagen, and professor II, NTNU University Museum. 


The Excavation team

This will be lead by Sean Denham, supported by Hilde Fyllingen and a team of experienced field archaeologists.