Call for papers

We welcome archaeologists and archaeo-scientist to submit papers with multi-analytical approaches in archaeological settings (for example archaeobotany, micromorphology, or other geochemical analyses for detecting on-site activities at prehistoric/ historic sites, aDNA, pXRF, or stable isotope analyses for investigating provenance/migration).

The papers should be directed towards one of the three topics for the conference:
1) Identifying on-site activities
2) Identifying materials and ancient technology
3) Provenancing humans and their material culture

Submission of poster abstracts within the three themes are also welcome.


Deadline for submissions is extended to 26th of August, 2018. If you have any questions about the conference, or want to submit an abstract (max. 250 words) please contact Hege Ingjerd Hollund; or Astrid J. Nyland

We will prioritize papers that discuss, implement and mediate generated data enabling comments on the potential, or perhaps problematic aspects, of using scientific data to answer questions on past human behaviour; mobility, exchange, production, human and material biographies, networks and relations, preferences, and choices.

There will be two days of paper and poster presentation, and on the third day, we host a set program of parallel roundtable discussions and workshops. The latter will be particularly concerned with aDNA-studies and the use of pXRF.

Hence, planned discussions and workshops aim to improve knowledge of the methods to enable the participants to assess studies where these have been used, to interpret, and build on the data correctly, or even to apply the method in the case of pXRF.

We open for registration for the conference in mid-September 2018. We will the continually update this web page with news about program and practicalities.