Do you dare to spend a night in one of our longhouses?

Schoolclasses now have the opportunity to stay overnight at the farm.

  • Jernaldergarden interiør
    Do you dare to sleep over?

The Lady of the House or the Chieftain takes you on a tour of the farm to make you familiar with the surroundings. You will learn of the life in the Iron Age alibg with doing some farmwork. The children will learn to spin thread and creating sparks with fire steel and flint. Grain must be ground on a rotating mill to make bread which we cook over the original fireplaces. You get tio sleep on the benches in the longhouses. Most likely someone from the Iron Age slept exactly where you will sleep.
The guide's programs last for 2 hours.
It will be possible to grill own food over the original fireplaces inside the houses or outside if the weather permits.

Price: 200, - pr. child
Adults/parents are free

For reservations contact school service tel .: 51 83 26 25

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