Rent an unique location

Invite your guests for an experience out of the ordinary. The Iron Age Farm can be rented out for parties, birthdays or accommodation.

  • Interior Iron Age Farm
  • The views\
  • Lady of the House makes flour

The Iron Age Farm is a reconstructed farmsteads built upon original dwellings. 1500 years ago people lived through many a hard life, but they also arranged feasts in longhouses.
Now you can rent The Iron Age Farm and give your event a prehistoric frame. Experience the unique atmosphere around the flickering fireplaces.
The Lady of the House or the Chieftain takes the festive team on a tour of the farm and tells about life and fate in older Iron Age.

We organize birthday parties for young and old, graduations, teambuilding in real Ironage theme, larger company and lodging in the period mid-March to September.