Yule before Jesus

How did the people in Norway celebrate Yule in the past? Join our Yule before Jesus tour every Sunday in English at 2pm

This is an English guided tour about the old Yule, or in Norse jól, based on archaeological finds the exhibition. The darkest time of the year has been of high importance for celebrations and sacrifices, rituals, mystery and beliefs though the ages. We can still find traces of this in our own Norwegian Christmas celebration. Tour is suitable for adults and children from 12 years and up, duration about 30 minutes. 

Every Sunday from 1pm to 3 pm there is a Yule workshop for every ages, they are different for every weekend. We will make metal rings inspired by old symbols of the sun, create Yule decorations with hay, fold and braid Yule paper art for the Yule tree inspired by motifs like birds and viking ships, and also create bird food - as songbirds were a symbol for a good new year to come. 

Every Sunday before Christmas the Iron Age farm has Jól in the longhouse for the whole family.

Arkeologisk museum Christmas Viking

Artifacts are linked to old Yule traditions, learn more on the tours