Exhibitions closed November 25th - March 20th

March 21, 2020, we will open the Bronze Age exhibition "Sun cult, Myths, Mystique. The world of the Bronze Age woman". During the work on the new exhibition, our other exhibitions will be closed. The Iron Age farm is open.

Belteplate og tutulus Bronsealderutstilling åpner 21. mars.

While we work on the new Bronze Age exhibition, all our exhibitions will be closed to the public from Monday 25 November until the new exhibition opens on Saturday 21 March.
Café Ask and Embla have a lunch offer, and will be open to guests between 10:00. 11 and 13 Tuesday to Friday, and our museum shop is open Monday to Friday 08.30 - 15.00.

Our library is open Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm November 25 - February 16. From 17 February to 21 March, the library is open on Tuesdays.

While the production of the new exhibition at the Museum is in progress, we have expanded opening hours at The Iron Age Farm. For the first time it is open throughout December. In the pre-Christmas period at The Iron Age Farm you can hear about pre-historic Christmas traditions and attend the Christmas workshop every Sunday.

Read more about Yule at the Iron Age Farm.

It will also be open Tuesday - Sunday from January through March 20.

You can still rent our venues for private occasions or business-events. We also expanded our educational offer at The Iron Age Farm in December, and from January it will be open for class visits to the Museum of Archeaology.
The year starts with a visit to the "Kulturelle skolesekken", and until March the school offers a Stone Age theme.

The Iron Age farm is open for school visits for the first time all year. The museum opens its doors again on March 21 with the opening of the exhibition "Sun cult, Myths, Mystique. The world of the Bronze Age woman".

Opening hours  November 25 - March 20
The exhibitions at the Museum of Archeaology is closed to the public from 25.11.19 to 21.03.20.
The Museum Shop is open Monday - Friday 08.30-15.00
Café Ask and Embla are open Tuesday - Friday 11am - 1pm

Exhibition opening 21.03.2020 "Sun cult, Myths, Mystique. The world of the Bronze Age woman".

The Iron Age Farm
1.12.19 - 20.03.20
Tuesday - Saturday: 11am - 3pm
Sunday: 11am - 4pm
Monday: Closed