Fascinating Seeds: The expression and benefit of the seed

The exhibition Fascinating Seeds, which opened at the museum of Archeaology october 7th, links art and science.

Seed sculptures have been made in stone by the artist Barbro Raen Thomassen, with main focus on the weed flora.

The scientific focus is on cereals and agriculture. While the artist has turned the seeds into esthetic objects with beautiful potent forms, the botanists search for the ultimate form of the seed as a key to identify the plant species.

Pre-historic seeds tell us about the connection between nature and culture. Today seeds are our most important sources
of food. Seedbanks have been established to secure future food resources.The sculpture “Fat-hen” is on display in the
museum’s garden. The object reminds us of the importance of agricultural research.

Art meets science in a focus on seeds.

Each seed is unique and a source of new life!