Meet the human

In our exhibition 'Møt Mennesket' (Meet the Human), we introduce you to skeletons from the museum's collections in a dignified setting.

Picture of the skeleton of the Viste Boy. The Viste Boy. Foto: Terje Tveit, Arkeologisk museum, Universitetet i Stavanger.

Our exhibition allows us to tell the stories that many of the skeletons have brought with them. Like the story of the 14-year-old Viste Boy, who died around 8000 years ago. The skeleton is one of the best preserved skeletons from the Stone Age in Norway. Researchers are now usint new methods that can give us answers about the person's origin, diet, illness, eye colour and gender. So maybe the Viste boy actually was a girl?

Also six skeletons from a Bronze Age mass grave in Sola show us severed vertebrae and tell the story of the dramatic death of a group of people who were all buried at the same time.

The skulls of five babies from Hå have a similar story. They were found preserved in a bog, near a spring where iron deposits have turned the water red. Springs were points of contact to the next world, and this could indicate that the children were sacrificed as a gift to the gods.

And what happened in the Viking Age to the man who was washed ashore on Karmøy?