Microliths – tiny and sharp!

Every Saturday at 12am to 1pm, except in summer holidays, children of the age of 4-8 can join our archaeology club and engage in fun activities at the Museum of Archaeology.

Microliths at the Museum of Archaeology Come and join the Microliths at the Museum of Archaeology every saturday from 12 o'clock.

Sometimes we arrange a dig and look for ‘old’ artefacts and talk about the finds of the day. Other times you will get to see and try to make fire with a fire steel and flint, just like the Vikings did!

Do you want to feel how sharp a flint stone can be? Or make flour by grinding it on an old fashioned quern? Or try to hold a replica Viking sword to see how heavy it could be?

Become one of the Mircoliths and you will experience this and a lot more! Regular admission price. Parents must accompany their children.

Microlith: from greek micro, ‘little’ and lith, ‘stone’. A little stone tool, often of flint. Was set in a furrow in the wood in for example an arrowhead or spear point. Used in the Stone Age.