Night at the museum 27. October

For the fifth year Museum of Archaeology and Museum Stavanger invites you to Night at the museum.

Picture of a fakir at Nigth at the Museum 2016. Night at the museum was a great sucess last year. We hope to see you this year.

Finally october. Finally atumn darkness. Finally Night at the museums. 

The museum of Archaeology and Stavanger Museum invite you to go behind the facades and staged settings - to hav expreiences and impressions inall the nooks and crannies of the museums. Use all senses to explore our museums; Touch, feel, see, hear, taste. 

For what actually happend at a museum after darkness falls? In the garden in the basement, and in the attic?

There are many exciting and fun activities at both mueusm this evening. The lectures are in Norwegian, but all other activities ar suited to all language groups and for families, youth and adults. 

Programe at Museum of Archaeology

At the entrance
Juggling fire tricks with the Flaks Juggling Group.
Hot welcome drinks served.

Time Machine: Take a time machine back to the Stone Age and visit a Stone Age settlement. Go fishing in the log boat, sharpen greenstone or grind grain on the saddle quern.

Leatherworking: Imprint leather with your initials in runes.

Visit the Viking house and try your hand at spinning yarn on a spindle.

The café
 Evening menu: Pizza, apple cake with cream, cinnamon buns, hot chocolate and millet porridge.

“I found it, I found it.” An archaeologist shows off finds from this year’s excavations.

Using modern tools on archaeological digs, like drones and geographic information systems (GIS).

Exhibit about the restoration of Stavanger Cathedral.

Bishop Hoskuld of Stavanger and the teachings of Martin Luther. Reformation Jubilee 1517–2017.

Museum courtyard
Visit the Viking tent, grind your own flour and fry your own pan bread over the fire.

Light up the night. Join us in lighting a fire the Stone Age and Viking way.

See the smith at work in the smithy.

Visit our “Stonecutter hut”: Try your hand as a stonecutter with one of our stone conservators and learn more about how they are repairing the stone sculptures at Stavanger Cathedral.

8 pm: Sword fighting with the Rygene Hærkamp Viking Re-enactment Cub.

Afterwards, you will have a chance to meet the warriors and even try your hand at Viking fighting techniques.

Mead – the drink of the gods.

From bees to honey to mead. Learn more about beekeeping in the Iron Age, how mead was brewed and the significance this golden drink.

Mini exhibits:

“The Bernhard Hanson Collection – Stavanger’s oldest collection of antiquities”

“Ernst Sprockhoff. The Archaeologist of the Occupying Forces at Jæren”

Hidden information.

Reveal the secret message and find out how our conservators use chemical analyses to find, read and understand information hidden in artefacts.

What can this be?

An nearly 3,000 -year-old wooden object found at Sømme in Sola in 2014 is still a mystery. What was it used for? Help our archaeologist by examining a 3D print copy and viewing the original. Hear our conservator explain how we can prevent wooden artefacts from rotting away.

2nd floor
Sweets workshop at the Golden Seed exhibition.
7 pm–9:30 pm  Make sweets inspired by the world of seeds.
Join one of our botanists in our seed exhibition “Golden Seed” and learn more about the “chocolate seed” – the cocoa bean.

Have a look under the microscope.

Grind your own barley with a rotary quern.

Make a “helicopter seed”.

7:15 pm, 7:30 pm and and 8:45 pm: Viking tales. Hear exciting stories from the Vikings world. Suitable for all ages!

The library         
Writing on the Wall – use a torch to find invisible symbols. Fun prizes.

Colouring for young and old.

Take a break in the library with our librarians – Food for thought and food for your stomach.

Book exhibition: Archaeology under the Nazis with books by Ernst Sprockhoff and others.

Films from the past (shown continuously).

The English programe for Stavanger Museum