Viking winter

Winter holiday is a good time to go to a museum. At the Museum of Archaeology you can see and learn about what the Vikings did during the winter. Free admission for all children.

Viking winter at the Museum of Archaeology. Join us and learn about what the Vikings did during the long winters.

Come to the Museum of Archaeology in Stavanger during the school's winter holiday 12 - 16 February, and  learn about the Viking world. Follow mission trails and find Viking treasures. Learn about leather and fur and go hunting for wild boar! And how did the Vikings light a fire? Can you make fire the Viking way?

During the weekdays a Viking will tell stories for the children at 13 o'clock.

Opening hours during the winter holidays 12 February - 18 February are
Monday - Friday: 10-.00 - 15.00 (Tuesday 10.00 - 20.00). 
Saturday: 11.00 - 15.00
Sunday: 11.00 - 16.00

Friday 16 February we have a performance by Marianne Stenerud. This day is also "Grandparent day" at the museums, all grandparents have free entrance together with their grandchildren.