Winter half term at the Iron Age Farm

From Monday to Friday 11-15 the Iron Age Farm has activites for the winter half term. The weekend before the winter half term starts up is all about making 'fastelavnris'. Dress warm and take the trip to Ullandhaug. Children go free all week.

For the first time the Iron Age farm has open for the winter half term week from Monday 24th to Friday 28th between 11-15. Children go free all week, and there are different activites like shooting with a bow and arrow, roast stickbread over a fireplace, try the picture bingo or the scavengerhunt.

Friday 28th is grandparent's day, all grandparents with grandchildren go free!

There will be guided tours only in the weekende before and after the winter half term. On the 22nd and 23rd there will be workshops on making 'fastelavensris', twigs with feathers, based on a pagan fertility rite. On Sunday 23rd the Café Ask & Embla will have 'fastelavensboller', buns with cream. 

The Iron Age Farm is only a few mintues from Stavanger city by bus or car, buses to the University can be taken to the farm.

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