Night at the Museum 25 October

For the seventh year Museum of Archaeology and Museum Stavanger invites you to Night at the Museum.

Profilepicture for Night at the Museum. A colorful bird skeleton. Night at the Museum. October 25th.

Finally october. Finally atumn darkness. Finally Night at the Museum. 
The museum of Archaeology and Stavanger Museum invite you to go behind the facades and staged settings - to hav expreiences and impressions inall the nooks and crannies of the museums. Use all senses to explore our museums; Touch, feel, see, hear, taste. 

For what actually happend at a museum after darkness falls? In the garden in the basement, and in the attic?
There are many exciting and fun activities at both mueusm this evening. The lectures are in Norwegian, but all other activities ar suited to all language groups and for families, youth and adults. 

Programe at Museum of Archaeology 25 October

At the entrance:
Juggling – fire and flames with the Flaks juggling group.
Warm welcome drink served.

Take the time machine back to the Stone Age, and visit a Stone Age settlement. Go fishing in the log boat, sharpen shale and grind grain on a millstone.
Visit the Viking house.

Ground floor

The Auditorium:
Ghost story at. 19.15 and 20.45
"Dark stories” recommended age limit 10+ (approx. 15 min.).

Café area:
“Look what I found.”
The archaeologist presents findings from the year’s excavations and conveys the results from the investigations. Film from the fieldwork.

The Café serves good food and drinks throughout the evening

The Museum Garden:
Visit the Viking tent.
Mill your own flour and cook flatbread on the fire.

Up in flames.
Make fire the Stone Age and Viking way.

The smithy.
See the smith at work.

Visit the “stonecutter cabin.”
Make stone jewellery or fishing weights in the “stonecutter cabin.” See the exhibition about the restoration work on Stavanger Cathedral.

Traces in the ground – an X-ray image of the past.
The archaeologist presents and explains our georadar, which with the aid of electromagnetic waves can see what is hiding beneath the surface.

Sword fight with Rygene Hærkamp at 20.00
After the fight young and old may meet Rygene and try their hand at the Vikings’ fighting technique.

In the exhibitions:
Mead – drink of the gods.
From bees to honey to mead. Find our more about beekeeping in the Iron Age and brewing and the significance of this golden drink.

See sound!
The physicist demonstrates what sound is.

Excavation of preparation.
Join the curator in excavating fragile objects – perhaps you can find something to take home with you?

Meet man.
Are you curious as to who the people were? The osteologist shows what skeletons can tell us about prehistoric people.

First floor
Confectionary workshop from 19.00–21.30
We make sweets with inspiration from the world of seeds.

Pollen and plant remains tell a story.
Join the botanist in the microscopic world.

Look into a microscope.

Make a “maple seed flyer.”

Smell and taste different seeds

The Library:
Impression from Bronze Age religion.
Learn about how archaeologists trace rock carvings.
Make a colour print you can take home.

Hunting for runes.
Use a torch to find invisible runic characters. Great prizes!

Carve your name in runes.

Take a break with runic biscuits.