The Museum of Archaeology is sited in beautiful and central locations in Stavanger. Our exhibitions and other activities provide knowledge and understanding of pre-historic man and the interaction between mankind and nature.

The permanent exhibition at the Museum of Archaeology gives an introduction to Rogaland’s prehistory with the help of antiquities and other archaeological finds from the Stone, Bronze and Viking Ages and up to the end of the Middle Ages.
The Permanent Exhibition shows objects from the more than 11,000 years of habitation in Rogaland, one of Norway’s richest archaeological fields for ancient civilisations. An English catalogue is available.

The temporary exhibitions are designed and built in the Museum or presented on loan from other Museums and institutions.

At the moment we have an Exhibiton about the Vikings wich take you takes you to the brutal yet fascinating Viking Age.

In 2005, AM hosted As in a mirror, China under Emperor Jingdi’ an impressive and popular exhibition of terracotta models from Emperor Jingdi’s grave. In 2006, AM was the first museum in Europe to present Caravanserai. Azerbaijan – Land of Fire, a collection of cultural treasures from a country that gained its independence with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

In 2008 showed the exhibition “The journey of the Sun – Rogaland in European Bronze Age”, see the film from the exhibition here. 

Caravanserai: Azerbaijan - Land of Fire. See the film from the exhibition here.