Viking Voyagers

Our exhibition, Viking Voyagers takes you back to the brutal yet fascinating Viking Age.

  • Picture of sword.
    Many people regard the sword as the most prominent symbol of the Viking Age. Sword hilts are often beautifully decorated with silver and bronze.
  • Picture of vikings from the exhibition Viking Voyagers at Museum of Arcaheology.
    Meet the brutal vikings in our echibition Viking Voyagers.
  • Drawing of viking women, whom you meet in the exhibition at Museum of Arcaheology
    In the exhibition Viking Voyagers you also meet some strong women.
  • Picture of av gilded bronze book clasp at Museum of Arcaheology in Stavanger.
    Rogaland’s connection with Ireland is reflected in this fine gilded bronze book clasp, which has decorative interlace and animal figures and has been inlaid with red enamel.

The exhibition "Voyagers. Going west with the Vikings"' takes you to the brutal, yet fascinating Viking Age!
In this exhibition, the Museum of Archaeology focuses on the people that the Rogaland Vikings encountered on their voyages to the British Isles, particularly those in Ireland.

In this exhibition, you will not only get to know rebellious warriors, but also learn about the lives of six women from Rogaland: Gudrun, Svåva, Svankvit, Herborg, Sigerlin and Niamh. A clairvoyant housewife, a finely-dressed lady from a family with important contacts, and a woman with a piece of jewellery that has a brutal history.

Viking Age burials

A central part of the exhibition are the new Viking Age burials, recently found in Rogaland, containing keenedged swords, golden buckles and brightly coloured glass beads! Classical artefacts from the Museum’s collections bear witness to daring raids. Gilded, decorated Irish book clasps, beads of jet and large penannular brooches tell of voyages westward over the sea, while silver treasure troves including Arabic coins are proof of Viking expeditions to the East.

The Viking Age was a brutal period: warriors fought for honour and the hope of eternal life at Odin’s table in Valhalla.