Viking Summer at the Museum 2016

Visitors can learn how people have made a living in Rogaland since the first migrants came ashore the western coasts 11,500 years ago. And this summer we celebrate the Vikings with lots of fun activities in the museum garden.

  • Girl with vikingage jewelry
  • Boys fighting with swords
  • Pickture of viking warriors.
  • Picture of viking warriors from the exhibition at the Museum of Archaeology

Are you a skilled Viking warrior? Try your prowess the Viking way, fighting your siblings, mum and dad, and see who can hold their own within the arena. Inside the museum you can see genuine Viking artifacts, such as large swords and beautiful jewellery. For there were clever and well-dressed women, too, living in the VIking era. Inside the longhouse in the museum you can dress up as a Viking, grind your own flour and learn about Viking food, and learn the rune craft - the magical Viking way of writing.

Try digging like an archaeologist
One of the most exciting things about being an archaeologist is to look for old things that have been buried in the earth for thousands of years. Often, very special things are hidden under deep layers of sand. Like a real archaeologist, you can wash out Viking loot from our excavation spot in the museum garden. All clever archaeologists get a diploma.

* Take a museum selfie with our Vikings
* Explore the longhouse and try Viking activities such as grinding flours, spinn or strike a fire.
Come for a guided tour in the exhibition "Viking Voyages"  

Did you know that:
At the Museum of Archaeology we have the skeleton of a polar bear. This polar bear was discovered in a cellar at Finnøy, not far from Stavanger. The polar bear lived at the end of the Ice Age, which was much colder than today, and the mountains were covered with ice and snow. 

Café and shop
Our delightful museum café has ample space for families and strollers. On sunny days you can enjoy your meal in the museum garden, where the children can play and partake in activities.

We sell home-made cakes, a simple lunch and our specialty: "kludderbrød", a rustic bread rich in nuts, as well as organic coffee, tea, mineral water and organic ice cream.

In the museum shop we have fun Viking toys such as swords and shields. We also have bow and arrows, crossbows, Viking helmets and costumes and many other cool toys and souvenirs. In addition we stock a large selection of books and magazines.